Air Heating Systems

Comfortable warmth in the cabin during breaks and overnight stays are essential. A cab that is cosy warm even before starting work can make such a large difference, image being warm and waking to a a clear view without ice and snow stuck to your screen!

Air heaters make your vehicles more comfortable, efficient and cost-effective and ready for work no matter how cold the temperature is outside!

The air heaters heat up the air directly in the heater and bring it into the cabin. Air heaters are designed for the fast and economical heating of drivers’ cab and interior and for the regulation of temperatures in cargo holds.

Water Heating Systems

Cold engines work inefficiently; wear increases and the engine life decreases. For you that means: higher fuel consumption and higher costs.  The best solution is to install a water heater.

The water heater is integrated into the engines coolant circuit and heats up the vehicles interior, the engine and the fuels and lubricants in the vehicle. This means that the engine is guaranteed to start even at low outside temperatures and the drivers’ cab is pleasantly pre-heated too. No more fuel-intensive idling while stationary and during breaks!

In larger applications, the same system can also be routed to radiators around the vehicle – this is perfect for marine situations where you require a central heating type system throughout.

Handwash Units

For anyone whose work brings them into contact with hazardous substances, or unhygienic conditions, handwash units are a necessity.

Extensively used by major companies,  handwash units can assist you in meeting occupational health and safety requirements.

Handwash units promote good personal hygiene by encouraging the user to wash their hands when installed.

Using high corrosion resistant materials and state of the art electronics, the heater element thermostatically controls water temperature to 60 degrees C. Most systems  are also protected by a thermal overload safety device.